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adb sideload

I would like to introduce a small but handy improvement in Android recovery as well as in the adb client. (CWM had it for some time though).

The update is that now you can use the command:

adb sideload update.zip|

to push and flash an update to your android device.

What you need to do  is:

  1. to update you Android SDK, adb in particularshould be version 1.0.31
  2. Reboot the device in recovery
  3. Select “apply package from ADB” from the recovery menu
  4. Execute from the PC “adb sideload update.zip”

What happens is that  a “minimal adb daemon” is started on the device which is responsible only for receiving the update package so you do not need to upload the update.zip anywhere but just sideload it to the device. The zip will be then saved into the \tmp ramdisk, verified and loaded from there.

This is really handy and at the same time quite useful if you have for example an unbootable device.

resource: https://android.googlesource.com/platform/bootable/recovery/