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Change Market App Country

When you search for an app from your phone’s Market App and you cannot find the app there and when you check on the web at https://market.android.com and you see that:

This item cannot be installed in your device’s country, 

then it means that you need to change the country the Market App is recognizing in order to be able to install it that way.

Info: basically you have several parameters that describes where you are located. These are:

gsm.operator.alpha, gsm.operator.iso-country, gsm.operator.numeric, gsm.sim.operator.alpha, gsm.operator.iso-country, gsm.operator.numeric.

The iportant ones for the Market app are the ‘.numeric’ properties.

 Switch the Market:(you will need a root access)

1) Backup your original properties:

2) Find the NumericCode of the desired network provider. You can find a full list from http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mobile_Network_Code. The NumericCode = “MCC” + “MNC”. For exmple for AT&T it is “310” + “410” = 310410.

3) Connect you device to the usb then in command prompt execute:
adb shell getprop > c:\backups.txt

adb shell


setprop gsm.operator.numeric NumericCode

setprop gsm.sim.operator.numeric NumericCode

4) From the phone go to Settings->Applications->Manage Applications -> Market

5) force stop the Market App

6) Clear data

7) All set 🙂

Start the Market app again, search for your application and this time if you’ve put the right country you will be able to find it.