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AOSP changelog 4.2.2._r1(JDQ39) – 4.3_r1(JWR66V) – 4.3_r2.1(JSS15J)

New Android 4.3

Jean-Baptiste Queru announced a new release of Android a few days ago.

Jelly Bean 4.3 has quite a bit of improvements mainly security features, faster and smoother graphics, BT smart ready, support for BLE, more user management features for tablets and other handy widgets.

The builds that matter most:

JWR66L is 4.3_r0.9
JWR66N is 4.3_r0.9.1
JWR66V is 4.3_r1 – that’s the one that goes on existing devices.
JSR78D is 4.3_r2
JSS15J is 4.3_r2.1 – that’s the latest one, on the new Nexus 7.

Full changelog 4.2.2._r1(JDQ39) – 4.3_r1(JWR66V) – 4.3_r2.1(JSS15J):

As the full changelog is about 191mb i have put it for download here: changelog_4.2.2._r1—4.3_r2.1


Make a call programmatically in Android

Fist of all you need to set a permission in your manifest:

<uses-permission android:name="android.permission.CALL_PHONE" />

Then in your activity execute:

Intent intent = new Intent(Intent.ACTION_CALL, Uri.parse("tel:" + phoneNumber));

This is the general way of making a call. However the user may have multiple phonecall apps installed and they will need to chose which one to use. If you want to point to a specific one you can set a package:


The default phone call app package is “”.

Using this is equivalent to executing from shell:

am start -n -a android.intent.action.CALL -eu tel tel:123456